Modern curricula

The University offers modern curricula, as well as distance learning programs, according to the most modern methods applied in modern industrial centres. Our goal is to enable young people to be competitive on the labour market and to be able to get involved in modern business flows.

The University “Economics Academy” Brcko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina has over 5,000 m² of space, which is divided so that most of the practical classes can be done in the University premises, such as a radio and television studio, a semi-clinic, etc.

Study programs

How to enroll?

The establishment of the University “Economics Academy” Brcko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which includes the Faculty of Business and Law, the Faculty of Technical Sciences and the Faculty of Education, creates a platform for launching new higher education study programs, which are currently neglected and underdeveloped in Brcko District. It would be possible to adjust the study programs to the needs the regional population.

Also, the application of new technologies of online study will enable the education of students from other regions who are not able to attend regular classes.