The University “Economics Academy” Brcko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The university "Economics Academy" Brcko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina is an independent higher educational institution established by the Decision of the Brcko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina Assembly number: 01-02-1040 / 20 from: 14.10.2020, for all three cycles of academic and scientific studies.

The University offers modern curricula, as well as distance learning programs, according to the most modern methods applied in modern industrial centers. Our goal is to enable young people to be competitive in the labor market and to be able to get involved in modern business flows.

The University "Economics Academy" Brcko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina has over 5,000 m² of space, which is divided so that most of the practical classes can be done in the University premises, such as a radio and television studio, a semi-clinic, etc.

The university has the following study programs:

  • ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS (Business Economy; International Business and Diplomacy;)

  • MANAGEMENT (Management; Small and Medium Enterprises Management)

  • LAW (General law; Commercial law; Business-civil security; Security and criminalistics)

  • MECHANICAL  ENGINEERING ( Manufacturing machinery; Motor vehicles and engines; Mechatronics

  • CIVIL ENGINEERING (General building; Architecture; Mining; Geology; Geodesy; Forestry; Horticulture)

  • INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (Information technologies; Software engineering; Artificial intelligence)

  • ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING (Electrical Power Engineering; Electronics; Automation and Robotics)

  • TRAFFIC ENGINEERING (Road and city traffic; Railway traffic)

  • PROTECTION (Environmental Protection; Occupational Safety; Fire Protection)

  • CLASSROOM TEACHING ( Teacher; Preschool teacher; Professor of pedagogy and psychology; Pedagogy; Psychology; Professor of Physical Culture and Education; Sports coach)

  • INFORMATICS (Professor of Computer Science and Informatics; Professor of Mathematics and Informatics; Professor of Mathematics and Physics; Professor of Engineering and Computer Science)

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Organization of the University

The curricula at the University are modulated with the principles of the Bologna Declaration and enable the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The study programs are adapted to the needs of the modern business environment, teaching is conducted by over 200 distinguished professors with experience, from the country and abroad in a quality and modern space. The University has successful cooperation with higher education institutions from Europe, the USA, and Russia and a partnership with leading representatives of the business world in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the surrounding countries.

The university "Economics Academy" Brcko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina, permanently monitors modern scientific trends and achievements and transfers knowledge to students through modern curricula. Its activities are primarily oriented towards the education of highly qualified personnel, experts in certain fields, who with their knowledge would contribute to the social and economic development and modernization of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Therefore, the mission of the University is to enable the transfer of modern knowledge, methods, and scientific techniques applied in developed university centers around the world, but also to take over the good achievements of the state university's education system in the country.

The university strives to educate and train staff who will have an enviable level of knowledge that would enable them to be competitive in the labor market and with which future graduates could engage in modern business flows without additional professional training.

The University has three faculties and a Centre for Research and Development, as follows:

  • Faculty of Business and Law;
  • Faculty of Technical Sciences;
  • Faculty of Education, and
  • Centre for Research and Development.

University Acts


The mission of the University is to educate professionals who will be able to acquire, value, and expand knowledge, building their own careers and contributing to a greater degree of understanding among people, to personal satisfaction and the satisfaction of their environment.

The mission of the University in the realization of the vision relies on the most modern curricula based on the Bologna principle, with selected professors and associates, working with students in small groups, i.e. individually educating competent experts to solve problems and continue lifelong learning.

The study programs include professional and professional-applied disciplines that contribute to faster involvement in practice, with an understanding of the globalization processes and acceptance of European standards. The basic task contributes to the realization of socially set goals and has its justification in the perceived lack of qualified graduates.

New knowledge in the fields to be studied at the University requires frequent changes of curricula, which the University will do to provide the necessary knowledge for scientific research in the fields studied with the most modern teaching aids and technologies.

The study program includes several different groups of subjects, namely: academic-general education, theoretical-methodological, scientific, i.e., artistic-professional and professional-applied subjects. Through the contents of all these subjects, students acquire sufficient general and professional knowledge, which enables competent and modern education experts and professionals.

The conditions in which the University should survive impose the education of experts in the field of Economics, Management, Law, Electrical Engineering, Construction Engineering, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Protection, Classroom teaching, Informatics, and Humanities.


The vision of the University “Economics Academy” Brcko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina (hereinafter the University) is that in academic study programs of all three cycles-Economics and Business, Management, Law, Electrical Engineering, Construction Engineering, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Protection and Security, Classroom Teaching, Informatics, Humanities, survives and becomes a leader in the Brčko District, BiH and on a regional scale.

Our task is to educate professionals through the integration of different areas who will be trained to understand the importance and implementation of a multidisciplinary approach, participation in teamwork, the usage of modern tools, and continuous learning in their business practice, which will contribute to better education and economic progress of society in general.

Professional development, monitoring of innovations, and their implementation in the educational process are constant tasks of professors and associates of the University. In the process of professional development and research, we will include doctors of engineering and engineers who, through this type of activity, will be the fastest to be trained for the practical application of theoretical knowledge.

The University’s task is to cooperate with the environment and business entities to contribute to building a knowledge-based society, promoting learning organizations and continuous learning.
Constant investment in resources ensures continuity in mastering modern techniques and tools, for both employees and students.

Improving the social system also implies the development of educational profiles that will meet the high demands set by the social system itself. At the same time, it should always be borne in mind that the student expects from the University not only the acquisition of adequate knowledge that can be easily implemented in employment but also the application of new and modern teaching methods, the possibility of using modern technologies, which enable quick and easy inclusion in the European educational processes.

Goals and tasks defined and set in this way enable the University to enter the group of modern educational institutions and with its work and development can certainly develop international and interregional cooperation without which there is no progress and development.


Geostrategic position, due to which the University “Economics Academy” Brcko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in addition to attracting students from the northern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, would have the potential to attract students from two neighboring countries, Serbia and Croatia. Our goal is to achieve the best possible cooperation with universities around the world, and student exchanges, so that the Brcko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina itself would be promoted around the world in various scientific fields.

Due to the potential practical and lack of adequate knowledge of study programs in Business and Legal Sciences, Technical Sciences, and Education and Humanities in Brcko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a large number of students continue their studies outside their municipality after graduating from high school which reduces the number of people completing higher education because they are unable to afford to study in other environments in which they do not gravitate.

The establishment of the University “Economics Academy” Brcko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which includes the Faculty of Business and Law, the Faculty of Technical Sciences, and the Faculty of Education, creates a platform for launching new higher education study programs, which are currently neglected and underdeveloped in Brcko District. It would be possible to adjust the study programs to the needs of the regional population. In that way, possibilities for keeping and increasing the number of students in the Brcko District and its surroundings and their permanent stay would be created which is a precondition for starting a regional business.